Alka is a self motivated and passionate yoga instructor. She travelled to Mumbai, India for her yoga training, completing a Hatha yoga course at the renowned Academy of Yoga School in Santa Cruz.

Alka then went on to qualifying further and completed the Karuna teacher training program with Ruth White. Ruth White's training is Iyengar inspired and was trained by the guru himself.

Following are he useful tips which Alka has mentioned for the students of Yoga.

Having attended the yoga classes regularly for over 5 years now, i have never been bored as Alka always changes the sequence of the postures and introduces new elements and variations. The personal attention and support guarantees that every student gets the maximum benefit from all the excercises. more...
  • Wear comfy loose clothing.
  • Consider doing yoga postures barefoot as it enhances your yoga experience and give you a firm support on the floor.
  • Remove all jewellery and tight clothing; let your body be free of any restrictions.
  • Practice yoga postures 3hrs after a heavy meal, or 2hrs after a light meal.
  • Avoid exercising at least 3 months after surgery, unless you have the permission from your doctor.
  • In all the postures try to relax the mind and maintain a focused gaze.
  • Do not force your body and do not continue any exercise, which causes pain.
  • Be conscious and concentrate on what you are doing.
  • Keep your mind on feeling what is happening in the body and concentrate on your breath and position.
  • Give importance to your breathing, we inhale when we stretch upward and backward, and we exhale when we bend downward and forward.
  • Always breathe through your nose unless otherwise instructed.
  • Try to fit in a home practice routine daily.
  • Everyday may feel different so approach your routine with a fresh new attitude.


Usefull Tips on Going to Classes

  • Please try to arrive on time.
  • If attending class for the 1st time, please arrive 10mins early to fill out a disclaimer.
  • Switch mobiles off during class.
  • Yoga mats are provided for the 1st time, thereafter please purchase a mat either from myself or anywhere else you prefer.
  • Please bring a small blanket for the relaxation.
  • Try to attend regular classes to reap the maximum benefits.
  • Do not try to compete with yourself or with anybody else.
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