Classes are held in a private studio in Duffield Lane, Stoke Poges, SL2 4AD. The studio is self contained and has space for 12 students. Come and experience yoga in a warm and friendly environment with under floor heating.

Following are the comments which students at Alkas Yoga Studio have made.


Having attended the yoga classes regularly for over 5 years now, i have never been bored as Alka always changes the sequence of the postures and introduces new elements and variations. The personal attention and support guarantees that every student gets the maximum benefit from all the excercises. more...

My brother and I attend Alkas yoga classes twice a week to help towards our training in our sports.

We are both Olympic medalists in Boxing and we need to train in many sporting activities to build our strength.

Alkas yoga also helps us to loosen up before our running sessions and provides us the flexibility and strength to help perform during our boxing sessions.

We can actually say this has improved our performance immensely and many of our peers have also noticed the difference.

This has now become part of our training programme and we are very grateful to have an excellent teacher who guides us through the sessions and is able to push us to our limits.

We are very grateful and blessed

Hassan and Adam


Having attended yoga classes and workshops all over the world Alka’s classes shine through as my favourite for many reasons. Her teachings will ensure you leave with what you want to gain from yoga and more.

Alka is a natural born teacher making sure you are encouraged to work to the best of your ability. Catering for all levels she able to safely take you further into postures and make you feel completely at ease.

You will be continuously engaged in Alka’s classes with not only her soothing voice to guide you but also her meticulously planned flows which change every week. Having spent hundreds of hours practicing with many different teachers I
always learn the most with Alka, whether it’s a new posture or finding a little extra inner peace.

Liz R

Having attended the yoga classes regularly for over 5 years now, ihave never been bored as Alka always changes the sequence of the postures and introduces new elements and variations. The personal attention and support guarantees that every student gets the maximum benefit from all the excercises. Alka caters for all abilities in the same class and is able to adjust the postures to each student's needs. Clearly she is highly skilled and puts a lot of preparation into each lesson.

People think yoga is relaxed and easy, but I find it quite challenging every time, often breaking out it sweats!

My flexibility has improved, and I have found that I now get less back pain and fewer colds than I used to.


"Although only a yoga novice, having been to Alka's class I could immediately see the benefits of yoga to my physical, mental and spiritual well being. As an active and sporty person it is essential to be flexible, supple and improve core strength and this is exactly what the classes deliver. I am so pleased to have finally started doing Yoga having thought about it for a long time and Alka is the ideal teacher"

Peter K


I have completed a year doing yoga with Alka(my guru JI),and I find it so relaxing ,enjoyable and it certainly decrease my stress. I do yoga every Sunday with Alka, going there, it is like going to The Temple. I was lucky that I found such a good GURU. Doing yoga with other people, it is so fun. Atmosphere is so good, doing yoga there you feel as you are some where else free from all kind of worries and stress. My husband and I enjoy it so much. Yoga with Alka made so many differences to our lives. BIG THANKS TO OUR GURU JI ALKA

Aman D

As a physically active person who runs, cycles & swims regularly I started yoga just to help me to stretch properly. But Alka's yoga offers so much more than that!

I have been attending for 18 months now and my flexibility has improved amazingly, I also believe it is helping to protect me from injury as my joints & muscles are stronger and more supple.

The classes cater for all abilities so now my husband, son & his girlfriend come, which adds to the warm & friendly atmosphere.

I may not Always be able to run etc as I do now but I will always be doing yoga!

Sara K

Alka is extremely welcoming and soon puts newcomers at ease. The class is very intimate and has pupils of all abilities yet no-one feels self-conscious at all.

Yoga is the best way I have found to improve my strength and take my mind off things. I would recommend Alkas class to anyone.


I have been coming to Alka's class for over a year and half now and absolutely love it, even so that i roped both my mum and dad into starting yoga and now every week the three of us go together, its a right family outing.

Alka's class covers all levels, i love the way that you have a group 1 slightly easier and then a group 2 where you can push yourself but even if week on week you are in a group 2, if your having a bad week then you can easily stay in group 1 and not feel pressured. I have and would recommend Alka's class to anyone that is interested and would have no idea what i would do if Alka stopped teaching, there would be a hole in my life.

Kerrie H

I like the variety and range of the exercises to suit both beginners and intermediates. I find the breathing exercises most beneficial especially as I can do them at home after a stressful day at work. I have not been to many different yoga classes however I find Alka's approach very professional and at the same time very approachable.

Good variation. Suitable for all abilities. Yoga keeps me supple and toned and helps with general well being.

I find Yoga very relaxing and it has been very beneficial to a lower back problem. I also find Alka puts you at ease and does not push you too much when you cannot do a certain position.

I like the fact that the positions seem gentle but are quite challenging. I am not a natural exercise person and find yoga satisfies my need to exercise whilst making me feel happy and relaxed. Having said that, it is not an easy ride some of the positions are difficult. I have never stuck at an exercise regime in my life and I have been coming to the classes for two years now I think that speaks for itself!

I have found that my posture has considerably improved and general upper body strength has also improved as a result of attending the classes. The classes are very good as I feel I have done a proper workout afterwards. We also get individual assistance from Alka with various postures and this is really good.


I enjoy the stretching and concentration. It makes me stop thinking about the things I should have done or have to do at work.


I enjoy and look forward to Alka's yoga: I consider it as my weekly treat. The whole atmosphere is positive and peaceful.

Doing the asanas with other people is quite different from doing them on my own and Alka encourages going that bit further than I would if I were on my own holding the positions an extra few seconds, and with breathing moving a few centimetres further into the asana.

Plus, I love all the extra touches that Alka uses to make the sessions enjoyable: the soft music, the candles and delicate incense used during the relaxation at the end of the asanas.
It has benefited my life in that my health has improved: I have more energy, my general sense of well being has been heightened, I have better posture, my balance has improved and the breathing exercises help me with relaxation and I find them very helpful for my practice of prayer/meditation. Plus, to my surprise, without even noticing it over a span of one year, I have dropped a trouser size.


Mary Lou

It had increased my flexibility, I've stiffened up a bit since not attending because of heart attacks, but I look forward to attending the class again soon.


It helps me to calm down and get ready to face the next week. It has also helped me focus more in life.


I like the pace of the class. I had a pre-conception that things may be a little slow and easy going and you maybe wouldn't get a great work out, but from doing Alka's classes I feel that I am able to have a good all over body work out. I really like the relaxation part too, with the candles lit and lights off - it's very calming. I think it's good that you keep an eye on us all, correcting us where needed. Some instructors can seem to be a little self-focused, like they are just doing it so they have a work out. I also think the little tips you give us i.e. relaxation techniques we can use during our daily living.


It keeps me supple, my stress levels certainly decrease as a result of the classes and according to my chiropractor, and I have had less back problems since taking up yoga. It has also helped me to meet many fantastic people!


It's hard work, but very rewarding, my posture is so much better now.


I feel that yoga is always challenging me and is not too easy. On the other hand it is never too difficult and allowance is made for all levels. I feel I am more flexible, with better posture and it gives me confidence about ageing gracefully and being able to remain stable and coordinated.


I enjoy Alka's yoga because the balance into one-hour classes is divided into postures, breathing and relaxation, which improve our movement and stamina.


At 8pm on a Wednesday I feel more relaxed than any other time of the week. Yoga has helped me with back and neck problems.


Yoga eases all my muscle pains; I find it very relaxing and good toning.


The class has a good variety of moves, which helps different parts of the body. Generally I feel good on a Sunday evening. Relaxed and ready for Monday mornings.


Enjoy knowing that it is improving my health and well-being. I have become calmer & gradually happier.


Yoga is helping me to relax at a very stressful time, it has increased my flexibility. I enjoy the stretching and different postures we try.


Yoga helps me to relax, overall health benefits and increased flexibility. Helps to switch off from everyday worries.


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